Sep 29, 2011

Boot Camp by Nature


Right before we left for Florida, Tropical Storm Lee dumped a huge amount of rain and wind on poor Birmingham. I was getting ready to actually go to boot camp (in a hurricane. On Labor Day. I’m committed.) when I hear a loud crack and then a crash.

This is what we found in the backyard:


A 100+ yo oak tree just fell over. This picture doesn’t really show the scale of how big this tree was. Thankfully, it fell on other extremely old trees and they protected the house.


Since we are not crazy, we did not try to pull it down ourselves. But my dad we did cut it up and haul it out of the middle of the yard.

My boot camp for the week consisted of wheelbarrowing logs:


yes, I made M take pictures of me working for the blog. I have no shame.

Stacking logs



My 65 yo dad, s/p CABG, put us all to shame. I think I split like 4 logs. It took 50 mins and almost killed me. It looks like more fun than it actually is.

Log rolling. AKA: how on earth is this thing so heavy and difficult to roll?


(these might be the most flattering pictures of myself I’ve ever seen, let alone posted.)

It was a busy few days! I got all my exercise courtesy of yard work, which I can’t really recommend. It is the opposite of fun.

Have you done any alternative exercise lately? Live near me and want to come help? I tried to convince Mr. Trainer to hold boot camp in my yard, but he said no. Come on! Giant logs>kettlebells, right?

Sep 22, 2011

More Pictures I Took of Myself


Does anyone have temporary vacation blindness? As in-at the beach I think I am this wind-blown beauty with beachy waves and a glowy tan who doesn’t need makeup. When in reality I am a freckled nerd with rat’s nest hair who needs enormous sunglasses to cover the crow’s feet.

In my head I look like:


Why yes, that is exactly what my body looks like,also.

The sadder reality


Also pictured:a million new freckles


I always make M take self-portraits with me everywhere we go and especially at the beach. I think they are fun and almost candid. The downside is the camera is only 12 inches from your face.



Only the coolest, most awesome people wear glasses.

Anyone else totally embarrass their husbands by making them take a million pictures? Just me? Do you have temporary vacation blindness?

Sep 21, 2011

Pensacola, Puppies, and Party People

I love the beach. It is my happy place. Specifically, Pensacola Beach in Florida. I have been going with my family since I was 7. It has changed a lot, especially since Ivan and Opal, but it is still one of my favorite places in the world.
I am going to be posting pictures for days, y’all should just prepare yourselves for the onslaught. I joined the rest of the world and got a DSLR for my Birthday! Don’t worry though, I will never give up crappy phone pictures.
We had fantastic weather. September, barring hurricanes, is the BEST month for the beach. School is back in, so screaming children and douchey frat bros are mostly absent. It isn’t too hot and there is usually a good breeze. And the beaches are empty. We had maybe 3 other groups within 100 yards of us. I completely expect, wherever we go, for it to be absent of other people. Completely rational.
But who cares, here are the two cutest puppies in the world.
Bean. She is out of breath b/c of the huge amount of spazzing she does when M comes home.Florida 057
Mabel. Fat and sassy. Are you jealous of their awesome star blanket? It really adds something to the d├ęcor of my living room, I think.
Florida 007
Florida 165a
Look who figured out bokeh on the new camera. Professional photographer right here.
Florida 199a
The last day we were there the water was so clear and flat! No waves to speak of.
Florida 406a
I have millions of more pictures of ocean, birds, flowers, grass, and me making funny faces which I will be sharing eventually. Y’all know me, I don’t want to raise standards of this blog by posting more than once a week.
Tonight I have to go back to boot camp after a week and a half off. I’m going to die. Though I have been doing crazy boot camp in the back yard, courtesy of the 100+ yo tree that fell. Turns out cutting and moving a tree is really hard.

Sep 9, 2011

Short Update

Hello lovelies. I have been a terrible blogger and for that, I apologize. A quick, vague update.

--Good stuff is happening and I may be polling you guys for some market research.

--I got a sweet ass fancy dslr for my bday! (which technically isn't until Wed, but whatever.) So I'm going to actually use it and try to post of my dogs. B/c, let's be honest, they are about the only thing I take pictures of. They are much more adorable than me.

--Going to the beach next week for birthday spectacular! So I won't be around as much (not that I'm around much lately!)

--I promise to get back on the posting bandwagon when I get back.