Aug 27, 2011

I’m kind of a big deal

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I've been going to boot camp. I know, I know. I've barely even talked about it here ; ) 

I've been going 3x week. I am definitely stronger even though it remains about the same level of difficult. Just when I think I'm getting past the "OMG, this is killing me" stage, there comes a special kind of crazy day or Mr. Boot Camp decides I should move up a kettlebell (at which point I can do like 3 reps.) My arms feel the most different, I think. Though they don't really look different-I need to lose some body fat before you can see the muscles more! 

Yesterday we were running, jumping, squatting, and crunching all over the gym (we are inside when it is over 90 degrees. I think it was 97 yesterday. At 5pm.) When we get done, New Trainer gathers us to talk. They are starting a Level 1 boot camp. This is for people who are 50+ overweight and maybe need to be eased into boot camp rather than jumping in. And spraining an elbow like I did! I think this is a great idea, b/c boot camp can be intimidating. Even though they make a lot of modifications for everyone's fitness levels, that can only go so far. Plus, it can be depressing a bit to be working out with people who are amazingly fit. Like me. This new system will be roughly a month and then you can test out at whatever point you feel ready and move up to Level 2. 

As we leave, I walk past and say "Yay! I'm switching to Level 1. Immediately." He laughs and tells us we aren't allowed to. What I've been doing, regular boot camp, is Level 3. Me: open mouthed shock. I would not have 1) labeled myself Level 3 and beginning at that level. at all. And 2) even consider myself Level 3 now!



Carrie=Bad ass

Aug 17, 2011

I'm Always Right

I'm really trying to get in the habit of posting more. I've been feeling rather hateful about blogs and blogging.

Scene-my house.
Me: hey, that return finally came through on the am ex. so I'm going to use the balance to buy running shoes.
Husband: ok
Me: Can I have that card back? (we have a card we only used for miles for 1 trip, but it isn't our primary credit card)
Him: what are you talking about?
Me: you took the card from me. We decided we didn't really need to use 2+/month. So you stole it so I wouldn't use it.
Him: Are you sure? I don't remember this. I don't think this happened.
Me: we were standing in this exact spot.
Him: You lost it didn't you?
Me: I'm going to find it in under 10 seconds in your desk.

I open the top drawer. There it is on top of everything. Time elapsed-2 seconds

Him: you planted that didn't you?

Aug 7, 2011

July Goals Recap and August Goals

So I totally forgot I even made this post. Hah. Well, I remembered the goals part but not the posting part. 

1.) Boot camp x 12. 
I didn't realize this when posting, but Mr. Trainer took a week off over the 4th. I would like to say I still did a lot of weights and circuit training...but I didn't. I think I ran 3x that week. Oops! Otherwise, I went to each class that was offered : ) So I'm counting this one a success! 

2.) 2.) Running 2 x per week on non-boot camp days. 
Um, no. It is more like 1x/week. I pretty much only run so that I can run at bootcamp! I'm a pretty crappy runner to be honest, but it is a thousand times worse after say doing 30 mins of burpees/squats/push-ups. I have nothing left! I will never, ever be fast but I'm still out there trying. 

3.) More water. Less Diet Coke.
Yeah, not even a little. I drank more water, but I don't think I actually drank less Coke. 
4.) More focus on diet.
Somewhat successful, but I could do loads better. 
August Goals
Goals 1-4 are still on my list. I think these are kind of on-going goals. 
5.) Related to diet: more fruits and vegetables, less processed food. I'm a snacker. I like convenience foods, unfortunately. Oh processed carbs, you had me at hello. I'm making a bigger effort to eat real, whole foods. Just like a proper dietitian!

6.) Blog about things other than boot camp! 
I like to post more 'academic' things that are educational, but then I think no one actually reads them. 

I think I may be one of the few blog readers who wants more words, fewer pictures. That said, I do need to actually take some pictures b/c it is looking boring around here, and I know  y'all are desperate to see more pictures of my adorable self. 

7.) Work more on strengthening my back/pelvis/core 
We do some of this at boot camp, but I need to do more of it on my own. I have terrible, awful ligaments that barely hold my joints together, so I need those kind of supporting muscles to be stronger. 
I also need to go see my back doctor which I have been putting off for ages. 

Do you  have any goals for August? Or just in general? Have any ideas for blog topics?!?

Aug 5, 2011

All I ever talk about is boot camp. I need a new hobby.

Fitness instructors, help me out. Do you have a special class in school called "How best to torture, maim, and kill your students?" because I'm pretty sure you must.

Wednesday was fun. We worked more on strength...which normally I prefer. My endurance is zero, but I can actually strength train for longer than 2 mins without huffing and puffing.

We did veeery sloooow reps. Count of 5 up, count of 5 down. Four rounds of:
chest presses
TRX rows
pushups (omg, I can not push myself up slowly. I really need that momentum)
Sprints. Not cool after all that.
Kettlebell squats

I think it was about 90 seconds on 30 seconds rest x 4 for each. My time gets way wonky though. Like I know I sprinted for 18 mins and then rested for 0.2 seconds. That's just math.

So we do this all and we are feeling pretty awesome and strong. Good workout! But y'all. It keeps going.

1min burpees
1 min jumping lunges
1 min jumping squats
1 min mountain climbers
30/30 sec stationary lunges

No rest in b/t. I'm beginning to hate trainer and everyone else on the planet.

Oh hey guys! Run downstairs to the basketball court! (we workout on a track overlooking the basketball court when it is over 90 degrees. Which is pretty much every day.) Me: Oh God. No.

Sprint across and back!
Do it again!
One more time!
ok, 30 seconds rest.

Me: I will murder you in the face.

Hey! now do lateral shuffles!
Now face the other way.
Last time!
*Lateral shuffles are hard for those with terrible knees and are also completely clumsy. Not me, obviously. But other people. I've heard.*

Now let's do calf raises on the non-air conditioned stairs!

Me: can someone carry me out to my car? I can't walk down 3 flights of stairs. Or the 10 ft to my car.