May 11, 2011

Chicago even more

Fancy dinner time!

So, one of the residents knew a drug rep who wanted to take us to dinner. Drug rep dinners are stuff of legends. They are pretty rare due to rules (boo!), economy, and the fact that these kids are radiologists and thus have nothing to prescribe. Drug reps pay for dinner-anything, anywhere. Someone suggested Chicago Chop House...because it was crazy expensive. I'm going to be super tacky and talk money, only b/c it was so insane and SO not the norm for us. We cheap. I'm only talking about money b/c it was so mind boggling. And we ate a lot.

Hello, beautiful. This is a dry aged ribeye. Y'all, this steak was everything that is good and right in the world. Cartoon birds starting flying around my head. You could cut it with a fork.

all for a mere $99. A bargain.

Usually I'm too embarrassed to take a pic of my food, but I was straight up like "I'm taking a pic of this $100 steak. I don't even care. once my phone came out, so did everyone's.

We also had these amazing giant scallops with ahi tuna for an appetizer. And like 9 bottles of wine (for 15 people. not all for me, sadly.) The thing about fancy expensive places is they never let you run out of wine. I have quickly become accustomed to this level of service and opulence. I think my steak was the best. A lot of the boys got kobe steaks and they weren't amazing. They were tasty, but for $100 that steak better make me see the face of God imo. Everything was crazy delicious, but I would neeeevvvveeer pay that for food.

Then we went out to Moe's for many margaritas. I have pictures, but apparently after 5 glasses of wine and 2 margaritas, I decided I didn't need to use the flash anymore. So if you want to see pitch black, blurry pictures let me know.

Thursday I think
M went to conference, then a riverboat casino. Seriously. I don't like to just throw money away, so I went shopping ; ) At least I get something in return for my money. Made it all the way up and back down Miracle Mile and felt like I was going to die. Even comfy shoes aren't comfy after that much time on your feet.

It is really hard to get a pic of the back of your own foot/achilles tendon. This is the fricking bruise I got from my shoes (cankles also pictured.) These are from comfy, broken in Clarks that I wore all during my internship. wow this is a weird picture.

All the flowers on Michigan ave were blooming. Each block had these amazing planters. They even smelled good!

Then we had dinner at Shaw's where I had some kind of lobster cheese pasta. No pics b/c I inhaled it. 

We walked around Hubbard St. and went into a few bars for Cinco de Mayo. I was super tired for shopping and the night before, so I folded early. Mostly going out made me be really, really happy to be married. Boys are brutal, even the nice ones, it seems. 
Posting for now b/c my laptop is overheating and burning me.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love all the flowers.

And holy crap $100 steak! My husband was talking about eating $100 steak in Vegas. CRAZY.

Erin said...

Oh I'm going to Chicago this weekend! We're not going d/t though...just to my cousin's hosue! I love it there though! SO much to do! That restaurante is CRAZY expensive! $100 for a steak? That's nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I don't like to really bring up money either but dannnnnnng that is a lot for a steak. I would NEVER spend that much money on a steak! (unless I ACTUALLY was Kate Hudson, haha) The entire food part of this post made me laugh several times.

I used to be so embarrassed to take photos of my food in restaurants, but now I have no shame. I also have an iPhone so I can be slightly sneaky about it...