Mar 9, 2011

Happy Dietitian Day!

Yeah, that's right. I have my own day ; )

I've got some great questions and I am looking forward to writing about the topics. Feel free to submit anything else...really at any time. I had a friend with an emergency this week, so it may be a few days on the questions. But it will happen!

Plus I want to talk about: 1) how awesome I'm getting at 30DS. And obvs how shredded I am after doing it 13 times (yes, I'm averaging like every other day. 60 Day Shred is more my speed.) I can feel I am getting a bit more muscle/strength in my arms and legs. 2) how I'm able to run faster and for longer than I have in a veeeeery long time. Basically, I'm amazing and an exercise machine. I'm pretty much Jillian Michaels' body double.

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Alison said...

Awesome news on the exercise front! Am looking forward to the Qu. post. And I hope your friend is ok xx