Sep 22, 2011

More Pictures I Took of Myself


Does anyone have temporary vacation blindness? As in-at the beach I think I am this wind-blown beauty with beachy waves and a glowy tan who doesn’t need makeup. When in reality I am a freckled nerd with rat’s nest hair who needs enormous sunglasses to cover the crow’s feet.

In my head I look like:


Why yes, that is exactly what my body looks like,also.

The sadder reality


Also pictured:a million new freckles


I always make M take self-portraits with me everywhere we go and especially at the beach. I think they are fun and almost candid. The downside is the camera is only 12 inches from your face.



Only the coolest, most awesome people wear glasses.

Anyone else totally embarrass their husbands by making them take a million pictures? Just me? Do you have temporary vacation blindness?

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Wym said...

I have vacation fashion disasters. I buy the shell necklace, the sarong, the bright colors...never to be worn once I return to Texas.