Jul 7, 2011


It would figure that the day I posted about how much better I am at boot camp and how I've totally turned a corner would end with me getting my ass handed to me at boot camp. Inevitable.

It was bad, y'all. First off it was late Friday before a long weekend and there were 4 of us there. Let me tell you, you do not want individual 1 on 1 attention at boot camp! I have no idea why, but I just felt like crap the whole time. Wednesday had been an all arms day-and I had done amazingly well at it, which is surprising as I have the upper body strength of a 6 yo. So Friday was all legs. I had no stamina, my muscles were killing me, and my back also got jacked up. My trainer was even like "what is wrong with you today?!" I don't know! It ended with 40 squat jacks, 40 mountain climbers, and 40 burpees. About 30 into the squat jacks he just told me to lie down and do crunches. I was only getting exhausted, and not getting good reps.

We are off this week, so I've been, ahem, resting. I still ran a few times, but I'm not doing hard core intervals or weights. My slacker gene rears its ugly head!

Did you have a fun Fourth? We were pretty low key, but managed to eat some really good food! Are you like me-taking week long breaks occasionally?


ashley said...
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ashley said...

The fourth was pretty low-key for us as well. We had some grilled food at my in-laws, went home early and fell asleep.

Laura @ Adventures In WIC said...

my great dane had some really good food for the 4th... she ate 4 raw steaks in about 5 seconds... that's what we get for having a dog who's face is counter level on all fours!