Jul 1, 2011

Happy July and Goals

I feel like I haven't written anything of substance ever in a long while. I'm in a rare quiet mood. I think it strikes a lot of people in summer. Can't blog, gotta go play! Anyone else feeling this way? So I thought I would post a bit about what I've been doing and how awesome I am at it.

What I'm Doing

BOOT CAMP! Woot! I'm actually seeing a lot of improvement in my ability to do it and not pass out. In the last week and a half, I feel like I've turned a corner. I don't know if it is me getting better (unlikely), or because I've been going in the afternoon, or if it is the addition of peanut butter to my pre-workout snack.

Results: I've gone to 13 classes in about  6 weeks (missed a few while on vacation). I need to take some pictures, because I can't tell anything just by looking. I think I may do a month by month pictures. I can't promise to share those! Unless I look super hot and you can see my banging 6 pack. So any day now. I definitely feel stronger and I'm able to keep going through each circuit without having to stop. I feel like I have more endurance, and my muscles don't start screaming at me nearly as fast. Plus, I'm not so sore I can't move the next day (which, to be fair, makes me feel like I'm not working hard enough. Masochist.) I'm waiting for this increased endurance to translate to running, but it hasn't really thus far!

-I've pretty much stayed the same weight. But, I did go to FL and drank ate everything. So I am up 2-3 and then down 2-3#s. I do have to admit that this frustrates me. Trying to focus on the non-scale victories. I don't talk about weight much on here, largely because I find if I fixate on it too much I start descending into too much calorie and food restriction. That isn't mentally healthy, nor is it physically healthy. This is one of my biggest struggles-empirically knowing what to eat and do, yet feeling like it isn't good enough or won't work for me. I’ve been feeling discouraged by the lack of scale movement. I need to get over myself. I would like to lose another 10 lbs or so, but would happily stay this weight and go down a few sizes.

-I did measure myself just to see. Last time I measured it was February (oops. way to be consistent there, Carrie) and I weighed about 7# more than I do now. But I seem to have lost about an inch everywhere: waist, hips, thighs. Since I wasn't consistently measuring, I'm not sure if that is from the weight lost or boot camp.


Do y'all like to hear what we do each day so you can laugh at me? Or is it boring to read?

I've seen a few people do monthly goals, so I'm just going to steal that idea.

July Goals

1.) Boot camp x 12.

I am totally addicted to boot camp. I have more energy, my back feels a bit better, and I feel like I can do anything when I am done. It is awesome! The hardest workouts I have ever done, yet the ones I have enjoyed the most.


I'll be out of town for one-we are going to Toronto for a weekend for M's extended family reunion. This is always hilarious because it is his Chinese family...and neither of us speak Chinese. Plus, there is just this random giant blonde girl in all the pictures. It is pretty awesome.

2.) Running 2 x per week on non-boot camp days.

B/c it was kicking my ass so hard, I have been taking the day after BC off. It is hard to run when you can barely tolerate putting weight on your legs! When I run like this I usually do 30 mins or so of intervals. I'm still getting killed whenever we run in the middle of boot camp. I mean, sure, lets do 30 mins of heavy weights and then go run laps! I totally have that much energy left! Who needs to breathe anyway?

3.) More water. Less Diet Coke.

Don't judge me. It is my vice. I love it. I need caffeine to live, and I don't really like tea or coffee.

4.) More focus on diet.

I realize I'm being hypocritical in this post talking about weight loss/not focusing on the scale. Lately I've been just kind of eating whatever, whenever and thus not really making progress in wt loss or any kind of fitness goals. So I'm back to tracking what I eat everyday (which I will not post here as I find most of those posts amazingly boring.) I just want to get a better handle on what I'm eating and how much. I'm not a huge meal eater, but I am a non-stop snacker. I will occasionally food journal just to get an idea how much I'm actually eating. I am a big fan of journalling for most-it can show you how much you are eating, deficiencies, patterns (ie I eat like 50% of my calories after 7pm.), how you are feeling, and basically just teaches you more about how your body works.  Weight loss/maintenance should be just the science of calories in vs. calories out, but it isn't. Everyone's metabolism works differently, so it is always beneficial to know what works for you.

Ok, this got very long! Sorry for the just walls of text, but you should read each word as it is genius.

Do you have any July goals? Any fun plans for the 4th? Any advice on how to get out of my head about the stupid scale? Anyone else fixate like I do? Do you ever food journal?

Boot camp descriptions? y/n?


Jamie said...

"Can't blog, gotta go play!" <-- Story of my life lately! Haha. I looove boot camp! Love our instructor! There are actually 3 trainers at my gym that alternate the classes and I especially love one. What can I say, I'm biased and only go when she is teaching. ;) I do that 3x per week and run and swim or do zumba on other days.

I hate getting fixated on the scale. When I feel like I'm not going to like what I see, I won't go near the thing! But sometimes I use it multiple times a day (really bad, I know). I've just not been using it at all lately.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Boot camp sounds awesome.

I should probably curb my diet coke habit, too. It always leaves me bloated.