Aug 5, 2011

All I ever talk about is boot camp. I need a new hobby.

Fitness instructors, help me out. Do you have a special class in school called "How best to torture, maim, and kill your students?" because I'm pretty sure you must.

Wednesday was fun. We worked more on strength...which normally I prefer. My endurance is zero, but I can actually strength train for longer than 2 mins without huffing and puffing.

We did veeery sloooow reps. Count of 5 up, count of 5 down. Four rounds of:
chest presses
TRX rows
pushups (omg, I can not push myself up slowly. I really need that momentum)
Sprints. Not cool after all that.
Kettlebell squats

I think it was about 90 seconds on 30 seconds rest x 4 for each. My time gets way wonky though. Like I know I sprinted for 18 mins and then rested for 0.2 seconds. That's just math.

So we do this all and we are feeling pretty awesome and strong. Good workout! But y'all. It keeps going.

1min burpees
1 min jumping lunges
1 min jumping squats
1 min mountain climbers
30/30 sec stationary lunges

No rest in b/t. I'm beginning to hate trainer and everyone else on the planet.

Oh hey guys! Run downstairs to the basketball court! (we workout on a track overlooking the basketball court when it is over 90 degrees. Which is pretty much every day.) Me: Oh God. No.

Sprint across and back!
Do it again!
One more time!
ok, 30 seconds rest.

Me: I will murder you in the face.

Hey! now do lateral shuffles!
Now face the other way.
Last time!
*Lateral shuffles are hard for those with terrible knees and are also completely clumsy. Not me, obviously. But other people. I've heard.*

Now let's do calf raises on the non-air conditioned stairs!

Me: can someone carry me out to my car? I can't walk down 3 flights of stairs. Or the 10 ft to my car.

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BabyWilt said...

That picture TOTALLY captures your post :-)