Aug 27, 2011

I’m kind of a big deal

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I've been going to boot camp. I know, I know. I've barely even talked about it here ; ) 

I've been going 3x week. I am definitely stronger even though it remains about the same level of difficult. Just when I think I'm getting past the "OMG, this is killing me" stage, there comes a special kind of crazy day or Mr. Boot Camp decides I should move up a kettlebell (at which point I can do like 3 reps.) My arms feel the most different, I think. Though they don't really look different-I need to lose some body fat before you can see the muscles more! 

Yesterday we were running, jumping, squatting, and crunching all over the gym (we are inside when it is over 90 degrees. I think it was 97 yesterday. At 5pm.) When we get done, New Trainer gathers us to talk. They are starting a Level 1 boot camp. This is for people who are 50+ overweight and maybe need to be eased into boot camp rather than jumping in. And spraining an elbow like I did! I think this is a great idea, b/c boot camp can be intimidating. Even though they make a lot of modifications for everyone's fitness levels, that can only go so far. Plus, it can be depressing a bit to be working out with people who are amazingly fit. Like me. This new system will be roughly a month and then you can test out at whatever point you feel ready and move up to Level 2. 

As we leave, I walk past and say "Yay! I'm switching to Level 1. Immediately." He laughs and tells us we aren't allowed to. What I've been doing, regular boot camp, is Level 3. Me: open mouthed shock. I would not have 1) labeled myself Level 3 and beginning at that level. at all. And 2) even consider myself Level 3 now!



Carrie=Bad ass


ashley (redonk runner) said...

hahahaha def badass!

Wym said...

I tell myself that every time Jillian Michaels tells me to move up a level on the 30 day shred.