Jun 6, 2011

Boot camp-AKA why I can no longer walk

I've been going at 6:30 am this week. I am not a morning person, but also once I'm up I'm awake. Once I get there it just feels like ambiguous morning, not ass crack of dawn.

The biggest difference is that there are about 4x as many people there! I am not a huge fan of working out in front of other people, but once I get started I mostly just focus on surviving. I have no idea what everyone else is doing. Since there are so many more people we have been doing less tire dragging and more traditional intervals/weights/tabata/ whatever. I wish it was something like: do 20 reps of this. Instead of: do as many as you can in a minute until you die. Thank God as these I can actually do! Tons of jumping and lunges and planks and push ups.

Wednesday we did tons of dead lifts which killed my hamstrings. I do these every night to help with my back, but focus more on the stretching than lifting with my hamstrings. He had us do 2 circuits of jumping lunges and then dead lifts and then 2 circuits of inverted pull ups and push ups on kettlebells (which I just can not do. I can't really even do modified pushups.) My trainer must have gotten the memo it was National Running Day b/c he made us run tons of laps! Let me tell you, after you go through all those exercises, it is difficult to then run. I'm a slow runner on a good day. I have to take walk breaks, I'm not even going to pretend differently. But, I keep hauling my self around.

Friday it was more traditional boot camp type thing. We started with a hundred pushups. One. Hundred. I can't even come close to that. We had to do 100 before we could move to the next station. I considered getting in my car and heading home. I have made a modified push up where I kind of lean on one knee and and kick one leg out-so the knee down makes kind of a fulcrum. Cheating!

then-run to a pavilion and do pull ups on the TRX. Then run along the perimeter of the park to the bridge. Walking lunges across the bridge. Tricep dips on the wall. more running. then carrying lifted kettlebells up steps. then shoulder presses with the kettlebells. AND THEN DO IT AGAIN.


I just signed up for 6 more months. I've officially lost my mind.


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

100 push ups?!?! I would die. Even if they were modified.

New follower, BTW :)

BabyWilt said...

I just signed up for 6 more months."

....atta girl :-)

Jennifer said...

LOL I just got back into my workout routine today... I doubt i'll be able to walk tomorrow =)

so awesome to meet you girl! <3 rock those bootcamps!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Leigha Krick said...

Boot camp is sooo a love/hate. But I love me some tabata! as long as I have a coffee and oatmeal waiting for me when it's over!