Jun 17, 2011

Very short beach recap

We ate a lot. Drank a lot. Sat on the beach.

The end!

Here are a few pics. We took zero of us together, so it is mostly pictures of me drinking to be honest.

Beach! As you can see there was a bit of seaweed. Y'all seaweed freaks me out. I just can't stand it touching me. 

Oh my gosh you guys. We went to a restaurant on the harbor to kill some time before we could get into the condo. But, it had to be somewhere dog friendly b/c we took our puppies with us. Yes, we are those people. I love taking them with us on vacation. I researched and found a place that would let us sit outside with them. They even brought out doggy bowls and treats!

So we are there, just going to have a late lunch and waste some time. Our waiter takes our order and as he is leaving just lets it drop that, oh by the way, we have bottomless champagne FOR $7 for the next two hours. SOLD. I'm pretty sure that sitting in the sun, on the water, with my husband and dogs, drinking bottomless champagne is my very own personal heaven. I want to live there forever. 

After refilling my glass for the eleventh time I say "oh, why don't you just leave the bottle and save yourself a trip!" 


Unsurprisingly, I had to take a little nap when we got to our condo. The restaurant clearly underestimated my ability to get as much as possible for very little money.

Up next: more pictures of me drinking things!

Best dietitian ever!


Emz said...

Loved this.
Beautiful photos!
What a blast!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, love that he left the bottle. What a deal for bottomless champagne!

Katy @ fitinheels said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA This is amazing!!!!!!! I love that the waiter just left the champagne! And HELLO $7??!! That is RI-DIC. I always hate ordering champagne because they bring it to you in a flute. I say we get rid of flutes. Give me a freaking glass full!
Classy, I know.

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