Jun 27, 2011

More pictures in which I am being inappropriate

I have several serious posts brewing, but in the meantime I leave you with a few pictures of me embarrassing myself and others.

Every year M's residency has a graduation dinner for the fellows and residents. This year it was at a Motorsports park in this museum of classic cars and motorcycles.

They also have sculptures outside. Of naked dudes. On Segways. You see where this is going.

photography note: standing as wide as possible does not lead to flattering pictures. 

Why yes, his entire residency and attendings were just inside or walking past. I try not to let dignity hold me back from a good picture.

After that dinner we went to a going away party for friends who moved to Portland...which I just can't talk about.  Then we went to the world's sketchiest bar for karaoke! 

I am only posting a picture of me to protect the guilty. 
Y'all I don't even know what this thing was. It was called "The Baby". I didn't order it and I assure you I didn't drink the entire thing. I think 12 of us might have been drinking out of it at one point. The karaoke was fantastic and we had some serious performers. 

I'm obviously keeping it real and classy here on this blog.


Katy @ fitinheels said...

Hahahahah my favourite part of this blog is your tag "my poor husband". Ah, the life of a blogger's hubs.
p.s. you are GORGE.

Alison said...

Hehe, I love the class! And thanks for Katy for drawing my attention to that tag ;)

Awesome naked dudes. They put me in mind of Greek mythology and those monkeys from the wizard of oz both at the same time!

Laura @ Adventures In WIC said...

haha I dunno... that awesome drink looks pretty classy to me!