Jan 14, 2011

Friday run

I actually had a really good run tonight! And I am not one who has good runs very often.

I always warm up and start slow. But, I usually don't start slow enough and end up feeling like I am sprinting after 5 minutes! I am not a fast runner, but I generally don't pace myself well. I went at what felt like a slow, slow pace where it was barely more than a quick walk. But! It actually felt good! I ran much further than I usually do in my first bout of running. I usually do run/walk intervals. I tell myself it is for the high calorie benefits from interval training...but really it is because my endurance is shot. I just kept running and felt good and like I could run a long time-usually I am counting down the seconds. I just kept pushing myself for another quarter of a mile or another minute and on and on. I had built a new playlist for running which also helped tremendously.

 Even though endurance wise I felt great...my SI joint did not feel great. It always hurts, so it isn't like I'm going to have a pain free run. It just ached more than usual and I found myself wishing for my back brace. I think I might not have stretched enough beforehand. I also think I had been taking some NSAIDs before my last run, so that might have helped my pain level last time. Note: I am not recommending drugs to get you through your runs!! Just trying to id what makes a good vs bad run. I really want to build my endurance because, oddly enough, it is less painful to run than walk. I don't know if it is the shorter strides or what. I've been stretching my hip flexors quite a bit and that has helped tremendously with my upper quad pain. I know that my back is super tight and my abs are, um, not so I find myself wanting to bend over and stretch. I'm going to work on abs and kind of bending forward more as I run.

But I ran further at a time than I have in maybe a year! And it felt good! Miracle!

--again, I am only speaking as someone with back problems and what has been my experience as a patient.

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