Jan 29, 2011


Am I the only person with seemingly constant insomnia? Ugh. I am so tired of it. It is 2am and we are leaving at 8am. I think I'm going to just get some stuff done and then sleep...sometime. Somewhere. I'm sure it will be fine. I have just been sleeping so poorly lately. I just lay there (lie there? I can never remember) eyes wide open. Stupid body. Get with it! I feel tired, and then am just wide awake.

 I finally found my camera cord, so I thought I would grace y'all with a picture. The husband is in it. I'm not sure how excited he would be about me posting his picture just out there, so I made him a clever disguise. This is much better. I'm sure he would agree. If I asked him first.

No one will recognize him now! hahaha.

This is us at the Sugar Bowl. Before the Hogs lost in spectacular fashion. Story of our lives.

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