Jan 13, 2011

Running with injuries

In an effort to 1) encourage myself to exercise and 2) figure out how to make it more fun and enjoyable--I'm going to be talking about my walking hard core running on the treadmill. It is way too cold to run outside!

So, my body is pretty messed up in that it barely works. I have a super fun little ligament problem that makes it where my joints subluxate or completely dislocate. I've always had it, and it primarily presented in my knees-I  have dislocated my kneecaps more times than I can count. About 6 years ago it started in my SI joint, and now I have some muscle imbalances and activity can really hurt. All this to say: I have to be SUPER careful when I exercise. I am working right now on form and endurance...definitely not speed! Let me tell you, it sucks to have to think about each step. Makes it seem like you have been on the treadmill forever.

Amazingly, I had a pretty good run last night with a minimum of pain. I ran on Monday and had to stop pretty early because my hip was hurting. I take really long steps I guess. When I would step forward with my left foot it would stretch and hurt all at the top/front of my right thigh. So I was focusing on taking really really short steps...and it worked! It is a miracle when any kind of treatment or theory works for me! I am generally the outlier. So I was able to go for longer than I usually can : ) And it was actually fun and felt good! Usually it just hurts and eventually I come to a limping, leg dragging stop. So I'm calling it a MIRACLE. 

**please note, I am not qualified to talk about injuries and treatment. I am only talking about my experience as a chronic patient.


Rachel said...

yay for treadmiracles (cwidt?)

if it works for you, that's excellent.

Carrie said...