Jan 20, 2011


I wish I had a way of making this sparkle and blink, b/c it was that good. I ran continuously for 1.5 miles. I know for most people that is super easy, but not me! And I ran it 0.5 mph faster than I was running my terrible one on Sunday. Maybe b/c I took 2 days off? I don't know. I just decided to run at a pace that felt good for as long as I could.  Covered up the display and went. I definitely think the mindset of running on my own schedule vs. C25k helped me go a lot further b/c I wasn't just trying to get through the crappy running part until I could walk.

And I felt so good. Tired, but not super painful. My back didn't bother me at all. AT ALL. I can not remember any activity in the past, oh, 5 or so years that hasn't made my back hurt. I have this weird spot on the top, front of my thigh that bothers me, and I wasn't careful when I started walking so it started hurting straight off. I got off the tm, and stretched and stretched and then warmed up with good form and felt totally fine. I didn't even think about my back! Usually it hurts immediately, and I either deal or try to distract myself. It just straight up didn't bother me and it never crossed my mind. And I had been having a somewhat bad back day!

It was amazing. I was in that magical, happy land that runners (and I use that word describing myself extremely loosely) love. I felt like I could go forever...my lungs did not feel that way after awhile though. I can not believe I had a virtually pain free run. It makes me want to run all the time!

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