Jan 24, 2011

Winter blahs

I really, really hate winter. I can't stand it. And I live in the South, where winter isn't that bad! I compulsively check the 10 day forecast in hopes that the temps will magically be in the 70s in February. That's totally rational, right? It just forces me into hermit mode. I don't want to leave the house-it is too cold! I'm so looking forward to the roughly 2 weeks it is a comfortable temperature outside.

Mercifully, we have a trip to Orlando planned soon. Harry Potter Land here I come!! I am like a 5 yo in how excited I am about going to Harry Potter. Y'all don't understand . I should probably do some laundry and start packing.

I'm just about to jump on the treadmill in preparation for the dinner out we are having tonight. Despite the fact that the husband doesn't finish residency for another 2.5 years, he is being actively recruited. I'm all for open bar and free dinner, though! The place we are going to tonight has something called a New Orleans Praline Cheesecake. THOSE ARE MY 3 FAVORITE THINGS: NOLA, PRALINES, CHEESECAKE. We actually were in NOLA for the Cotton Bowl and I wanted to eat my bodyweight in pralines. They are magic. I should not order this, right? I need to run a preemptive 37 miles or so. I want to take pictures of the sure to be fancy food tonight, but I feel like that is a little tacky at a free dinner for work. meh.

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