Feb 20, 2011

30 Day Shred. A daily timeline.

10am-wake up. nah, go back to sleep.
11am-wake up. Actually get up. Eat breakfast.
12pm-Think "oh crap. I have to do 30 Days of Evil. Again."
12:05pm-More TV.
1pm-Yep. Still have to do it. Oh, hey! TV.
2pm-Ok. Really going to do it! This is it!
3pm-This is happening. I put on my exercise clothes. Which are very different from my pajamas.
4pm-You should really do this before the entire day is over. Hey, a Friends rerun!
4:30pm-I should stretch or something. That takes a very long time.
5pm-Sigh. Let's do this. Just get it over with.
5:05-I really hate jumping jacks. More than is rational. It is just jumping. But they annoy me.
5:10-Lunges are of the devil.
5:20-Oh hey! We are almost done. I'm barely warmed up!
5:30-Yay! done! Yay me. That was so easy and short. I don't know why I dreaded it all day. I am going to go run on the treadmill!
5:40-Oh look, a Friends rerun.

And that is how it is done, folks-5 hours dreading approximately 25 mins of activity. Good plan!


Rose said...

Hahahaahaha. That's usually how my weekends go, only substitute any house cleaning.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

hahahaha! BUT, you did it!! Go Carrie!

Rose said...

The burger was slightly warm in the middle. It was heaaaaaaaaaaven.

When I did the Paleo diet I drank diet coke. I read a bunch of different palo info sites. Most of them say that some people have to kick the fake sugar to see results, but not everyone does. I figured that gave me the go ahead. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Jillian is an a$$-kickah, but I think you'll see some serious results if you can really stick to the 30 days! I get annoyed by her voice/attitude within ~3, so, good luck with that ;)

Alison said...

This really made me laugh -- it is totally how I get about speedwork when I'm running regularly. In fact I'm doing a version of this right now! I really should just go run the 3 miles..

Good work getting it done in the end though!