Feb 15, 2011

dang. Running outside versus the treadmill...kicked my ass. I felt like a giant spaz. At least it was a beautiful day! Got some vitamin D : ) My D is tragically low. I now supplement it like crazy.

Just realized, uh, yesterday my husband is about to have to go to DC for a month. Boo on that.


Alison said...

Hey Carrie! Your body does indeed sound a little crazy :-) I'm borderline hypermobile (the diagnosis is more or less severe depending on who I talk to!) and have some similar issues with my pelvis. I'm having to do lots of strength work to get me back to running. It's funny though, I tried running on the treddie the other day and it killed my ITB. But running outside was fine.. Bodies, eh!

Rose said...

My PT "workout" is essentially "stand up straight, Slouchy McSloucherson." Which is kind of much harder than what my trainer puts me through.