Feb 22, 2011

Blog change

It is almost SPRING here. Well, I'm pretending that it won't be cold ever again and this is Spring for real and forever. Which, shockingly, makes me want to spring clean. I, um, never ever want to clean so this is big news. It also makes me totally want to redecorate my house. And M is going out of town for a month. So I'm going to go crazy on the house while he is gone. shh, he doesn't know. I want to paint everything and change EVERYTHING. Painting is like cardio, right? ; ) You guys, all 10 of you reading, may be subjected to my house thoughts and pictures! 


Rose said...

Painting is more upper body strength training for me. I hate it.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I would gladly help you scrub if it made Spring come sooner in Eastern WA!!!

Rose said...

Calipers: The first time we measured, the dreamed 27% was the first time he had used those calipers. This morning he pinched my quad skin so hard it bruised. Bastard. So, yeah, he's not too suave with them yet. I'll keep that in mind when the numbers come back.

As for putting out, I'm not a good person to ask (and I told him this, too), because the only reason my husband and I waited until the third date was he had a really terrible cold on the second date. I told him it's not like we live in Amish Country. let things progress naturally.

omiegrace said...

painting burns so many calories. awesome.

i'd love to see house progress! do it!