Feb 7, 2011

Little Things

--Do you ever forget to eat dinner? I never, ever do as I want to eat 95% of my calories after 8 pm. But, I was waiting on M to get home from his 5th job and it just got late. I'm making up for it in pretzels.

--I had a super fantastic run yesterday despite my legs turning to lead midway through. But, I totally kicked ass. Well, kicked ass for me.

--TJ Maxx is the best place for workout clothes. IF you can find what you want in the correct size! I got two great Fila capris for like $10. It is very feast or famine, though.

--My puppies have been insane today. They have cabin fever! They are such little princesses that they don't like to go outside when it is raining...or has rained in the past 48 hours.

--It looks like we are going to Chicago again in May. Apparently all radiology conferences have to be held in Chicago. At least it will hopefully be warmer than it was in December. Though with the winter they have been having, that might not be the case. Sadly M's work won't be paying for this one, so no $2k hotel stay for us.

--My poor, hardworking husband. He took a half day of vacation to go moonlight at a site 1.5 hrs away. And to get the time off for Chicago, he is taking call tomorrow. So he will be on for 24 hours, then spend his post-call day off at 2 different sites moonlighting (at least they are close and he only has to physically be there, doesn't have to actually do anything. Thank goodness!), then at 5pm he is on pager call (so he is home at least and gets breaks when there aren't patients) for another place until the next morning. So he is basically working the next 48 hrs. Then he's on pager call again Friday, and maybe Sat I can't remember. Then is on call again on Tues. I seriously do not understand how he functions. But, I am incredibly thankful that he does!! He is seriously a robot or something. I don't know how he is going to find the time to plan a romantic Valentine's Day, take me out somewhere fancy, AND buy me a present.

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