Apr 1, 2011


I loved it!

I'm not really a city vacation person. I'm more of a lay on the beach drinking margaritas type person. But, it was really great. The metro system was so convenient. It would blow my mind that I could just hop on and go anywhere, and those places were amazing! Walk off the metro and you are 100 yards from the Capital and Washington Monument. I'm not used to being able to just walk everywhere either.

We went so many places. The first Saturday I was there it was a balmy 62 and super windy but sunny. I wore a long sleeve shirt and fleece. Locals were all in tank tops and shorts. We walked around the National Mall which is the area where all the monuments are. It is this enormous yard almost where the Capital, Washington monument, Lincoln, all the Smithsonian museums, everything.

I have so many pictures, y'all don't even understand. 

Everything was starting to bloom

Bhavik bombed our self portrait. But he took a lot of pictures of us, so I forgive him.


All I have of us is self portraits. Bhavik and his sweet DSLR took actual pics of us. 

I'm looking at my pictures and realizing I have a lot of pictures of random things. Like art. And the Hope Diamond. And monkeys. 


Alison said...

I LOVE D.C., and especially at this time of year. It looks like you had beautiful weather, which makes it so much better, as like you say, it's an amazing city to do on your feet. The National Mall though, actually way longer than you think it's going to be!

Erin said...

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