Apr 6, 2011

Why am I so dumb?

I've been hobbling along, trying to get back into running after my wonky hip flexor started bothering me. I did ok on my first run-a little sore, but that is pretty much my baseline. So I went a bit further the next day. Felt tired and like I had no cardiovascular fitness, but my hip wasn't feeling too bad.

Until yesterday. I am such an idiot. I knew I shouldn't run and that I was likely asking too much of my janky body. But, I thought I would at least try to do a super short run. I couldn't really tell if I was trying to use hip pain as an excuse not to run or if I was right and it would legit hurt. Guess what: IT HURT. All the way around the top of my thigh. wtf? It hurt even when I was just landing on it, like the muscles and ligaments were trying too hard to just keep my thigh from, I don't know, exploding. What is that even about?

 I did McGyver this sweet ice pack thing. I wanted it tight and to wrap round my leg, but it wasn't staying put. So I used my super sexy SI belt to cinch it. Just cinch it!

My dog decided this was weird and she should sit on my chest instead of my lap-that is her furry head, not mine. My hair is way sweatier and greasier.

That is a Smart Temp Hot and Cold pad and they are awesome. I use them all the time. They are squishy and stay cold for quite awhile. I usually have 5 on hand at all times, no joke. They do eventually break and the gel stuff squishes out. I think I am single handedly keeping this company in business.

Dear Smart Temp: Call me! Send me your products. I love you!
It is so frustrating. Randomly, my leg felt better when I was full on running (versus the slow ass trot I usually do) but I can't maintain full running at all  for very long. I guess I'm back to working on my core and hip strength. I do exercises for my back every day but more for maintenance than to get stronger. Busting out my stability ball!

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and almost 80 degrees which is my heaven. I love warm weather! I will probably just walk outside so I don't continue to hurt myself. I do love being outside though : ) Currently trying to talk M into an anniversary trip next month to the beach. 


Alison said...

Oh I have been there with the dumb run! You're right, it's so tempting though in this good weather. And sometimes you just want to be able to do it so bad that you go ahead and run anyway, as if the sheer force of will will make it ok.. Ice and rest. And take it easy if you do walk tomorrow. That can make things worse for me if I'm already hurting...

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

Ahhh I hate it when you run and you KNOW you shouldn't have!! Take it easy-REST. It will get better and in the long run, one or two days of rest is better than being sidelines with injury.

Katie said...

Hey, just curious have you gotten an X-ray on it? There are of course many different causes for hip-flexor pain and I am no expert on them I just figured I would tell you about what I know from a personal experience.

I had legge calve perthes as a kid and I think it is possible for this to go undiagnosed as it can work itself out to some degree. Although I have little problem with it anymore, my right hip bone is misshaped (not round like it should be) so it doesn't fit nicely in the joint. If I run too many miles (like usually 10+ runs) it gets inflamed and irritated. If I take easy for a few days it feels better. I haven't been reading so I'm not sure on your mileage, but I wanted to throw this out there as a possibility?

It is probably unlikely, just wanted to give you a heads up :)