Apr 19, 2011

Fix it

I'm hoping for a miraculous and curative session of physical therapy tomorrow. Now, I've never had one go that way. So it would be a fun surprise. This hip thing is not going away and it hurts to walk, every single step. I had a ridiculous dr appointment on Friday which took, no lie, THREE FRICKING HOURS. In crazy tornado weather. The worst part is the appt wasn't even for anything but a PT referral (in AL you have to have a physician referral monthly to go to PT.) I got to wait 3 hrs to tell him he can't fix what is wrong with me, could he please send me to someone who can.

Also, WHY DO THE PAIN DOCTORS ALWAYS MAKE YOU WAIT THE LONGEST IN THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIRS???? My back was flared up for 2 days after waiting so long in those God awful chairs.

It is full on beautiful Spring here...well, summer almost. Temps in the 80s. I want to go outside and at least walk around, but I can't. Why couldn't I get injured in February? I would've happily not run in February.

So I'm going to the PT tomorrow and they will hopefully teach me how to run like less of a gimp. Fingers crossed!


ATTrio said...

Good luck today! Hope the PT can help you out.

Jess said...

That sucks! I went to the ortho doctor recently and it took forever also! Seriously took over an hour after my scheduled appt time before I was called back-maybe it is an Alabama thing?! Or just a regular doctor thing?! Hope you get to feeling better soon!