Apr 27, 2011

The end of days

I swear, this weather has been insane. The tornado sirens started going off at about 5:30am. About 20 mins after M's pager went off...even though he wasn't on call last night. So I basically haven't been to sleep yet. Soon! Ours was mostly strong wind and rain and nothing too bad, thank God.

 This is the flooding in my hometown right now.

My parents' house has about 6" now of standing water in the basement. The entirely finished, carpeted, and furnished basement. They have been non-stop wet vacuuming up the water, but it just keeps coming. This is after my dad has built drainage ditches all around the house, built sidewalks to divert water, and put down rocks and various other tricks to keep this from happening. It has never been like this before. 

A town in AR about 20 mins from where I went to college had crazy tornadoes. 

Ugh. I just feel awful for my friends and family in AR and worried about the storms on their way to us. I am a complete non-reactor to storms. Thunderstorms and tornado sirens are just part of spring. I don't take cover or worry. But this is worse than I have ever seen a season in my 20+ years of knowing wth was going on.

 Please pray, or think good thoughts, or send love for all those affected.


Erin said...

So tragic. I'm so sorry to hear about your parents devastation and the flooding in your hometwon! This weather is insane! Lots of thoughts and prayers your way!

ash said...

These storms are supposed to hit my area tonight. That flooding is ridiculous! I hope it gets under control soon.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

That is terrifying. Oh man.

BabyWilt said...

Keep safe xx