Apr 11, 2011

Few more pics from DC

Got a few pictures from Bhavik. He and M had an epic romance on their month away. He seriously texts more sweet things to B than to me. Joking texts...

  Capital Building

It was fricking cold.  And windy, obviously.

 I hadn't seen him in 3 weeks so I got a little handsy. I didn't know Bhavik was taking this which explains why I'm climbing M.

Another sneaky shot. We had been kind of short with each other that morning, so we were talking and making up . And by making up I clearly mean 'M apologized for being wrong.'

I promise these are the last DC pics. You will get Chicago pictures next month! I swear we have traveled more this year than our entire 6 years together combined. Next month is also M's birthday and our 8 year anniversary. Dang, 8 years sounds like a long time. We are old!

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