Apr 25, 2011

Happy Happy

I hope everyone had a good Easter. We had a very low key one-church at night and then Mexican food outside since it was so nice. Weird part-we sat on the patio and there was this random dude singing. He looked like my dad, if my dad was a high school biology teacher. He was signing so earnestly that it was kind of hilarious. It was so random and awkward. There were several kids who were rocking out though.

Good Stuff
I ran on Saturday!! With minimal pain : ) I haven't even tried to run or even walk a long distance in 3 weeks. I thought I would try a very slow, very short run focusing extremely on form. I ran on the treadmill so that I could pace and regulate my steps a little better. I took longer strides and made sure I was lifting more with my knees than my hips. Let me tell you: IT WAS MUCH HARDER. I kind of feel like for me to run longer distances I need to shuffle and expend as little effort as possible with each step so I can run longer. I was running faster--from the longer steps--and lifting my legs more. I was huffing and puffing especially after 5ish weeks off! How does cardiovascular endurance just disappear so quickly? I know I will have to build up the miles super slowly so I don't hurt myself more. My PT also recommended NOT running daily and to take 1 or 2 days off b/t runs. I can do low impact, but no running. I feel pretty good today though my legs are a bit sore from different muscles being used.

I will be eating amazing Chicago pizza this time next weekend!

Happy puppies in the sunshine! 

Did  you have a good Easter weekend? Do any running off of Cadbury eggs and jelly beans?


Alison said...

That's great news on the running! And from everything I've read I would definitely agree with just keeping running to ~3 times a week. Maybe even less if you're experiencing pain. Like you say, you can keep your fitness up with cross-training, but it's important to build it up slowly. I know from experience!

Jess said...

Glad you were able to run! It feels so good to get back after injury.
That puppy is super cute!!

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

Awesome job on the running! Mmmm Cadbury eggs-why don't they have those all year long?!