May 10, 2011

Chicago continued

Onward with more Chicago! I know this happened last week, but I swear I can't keep my days straight. I'm looking at pictures like 'when did this happen? was I there?'

Wednesday (?)

Lincoln Park Zoo! We love zoos. Zoos are our thing-we go in every city if there is a decent one. We wanted to go last visit, but I just wasn't up for a zoo visit in 25 degree weather. Princess, that's me. It was a beautiful day. That cold but crystal clear and sunny kind of weather. It had been pretty cool earlier in the week, but it started to warm up finally into the upper 50's. So it was perfect zoo weather.

We went to Rockit Bar for lunch first. This is the home of, maybe, my favorite hamburger on the planet. And I'm a connoisseur of cheeseburgers. I take my food very seriously.
Burger with brie, wild mushroom mix, and truffle aioli. and sweet potato fries. M had truffle oil fries which were pretty rad as well. This burger is truth, justice, and the american way. Sorry to my veg/vegan readers for the beef porn.

Walked around for a bit before catching a cab

Onward to the zoo!

How pretty is this little area? Everything in Chicago was blooming. It was Spring part 2. 
This tiger was stalking back and forth at this window for like 30 mins. Michael made me stand here for 10 of them trying to take a picture. This is that picture. I didn't feel like a goober standing there with a fake smile plastered to my face for 10 mins at all. 

Pretend there are giraffes behind us

This is taking a long time, so I'm posting. Next up: the most glorious and expensive meal I have ever had. 


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I ,too, love the zoo!

A love for Arts and Sciences said...

Hey there! Lovely to meet you in fitblog last night (I'm @Ashleysh22).

I'm glad to see you enjoyed your stay in Chicago. I am not much of a city person either, except, i LOVE this city. We have lived on the south end for the past year. It's lovely. I have to take my husband to that restaurant now. He LOVES cheeseburgers.