May 26, 2011

This is what dying feels like

You guys. My arms. I have never been this sore in my life-even after the hellish first day of high school softball where we had a practice that lasted for 6 hours.

Yesterday at boot camp we did the following arm killing things:

*3 sets of assisted pushups. These were both awesome and terrible. Basically one person is doing push-ups and the other person is a spotter. You loop a strong, rubber belt around your middle and your spotter helps lift and lower you. So you can get all the way down into a push-up without using all your body weight. This is my main problem with pushups-they are fantastic exercises, but I just straight up am too weak to get far enough into the move to benefit.

I can not tell you how sore my arms are right now.

*two sets of sprints with the same bands/spotter holding you back. These entertain me though they are tough!

Then three sets of:
*kind of a tug of war thing where one person is pulling the rope through and the other person is holding the end with resistance, but also walking to the puller. Like if you were pulling something heavy out of a hole or something. (So basically 6 sets b/c half the time you are the puller, the other half the pullee.)

*pulling a tire with 20 lbs of kettle balls in them. Using the TRX handles at our shoulders, we would take a huge step forward into a lunge and bring the back foot up. Then take a big step lunge with the other foot. Until you die.

*Weighted squats-leaning back holding onto a TRX handle you can lean back into a squat in a new and painful way! We did these holding a 10 lb kettleball.

*Shoulder presses with resistance tubing. These would  be better for me if I could actually stretch the tubing!

Then a fun maybe 0.1-0.2 mile sprint!

Then! Two minutes of ab planks. After all that arm work Abs? Fine. Arms? Shaking like you wouldn't believe.

During, I feel like I'm going to die. We are moving quickly through the exercises and then on to the next ones so you never get a break to catch your breath. I feel like if I could just have 20 seconds b/t things to rest I would be able to do more reps.  And at the end I feel 1) I could've pushed myself harder and 2) I'm going to die. Can someone carry me to my car and then drive it home? The trainer did make me feel better. He said I should be exhausted and barely able to do each rep. So that's good, I guess.

It is definitely a different experience! We are in a park and close to a side road, so whenever we start warming up I feel like a self conscious nerd. He also has music playing  while we do jumping jacks (which you may remember from 30DS I haaaate). Let me tell you, mid workout I have no idea where I am, if music is playing, etc.

Today, my right arm is CRAZY sore. I'm a little worried I have sprained my elbow. I'm a regular sprainer, so this isn't really unusual and I'm sure it will be fine in a few days. Just part of the fun of having ligaments made of silly string. I can't bend my arm much past 90 degrees without it hurting my elbow/tricep. I can't feed myself!! My elbow can not move my hand to mouth! This might be a good thing, actually.

Have you ever sprained something? An elbow? I'm old. Have any remedies besides RICE? 

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**yes Megan, I will allow LJ posting ; )


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

That workout sounds crazy awesome.

I pull muscles in my back all the time, while STRETCHING.

I did that this morning. stupid back.

Anonymous said...

That sounds NUTS. But yeah, good nuts!
It must be hard to get bored since your activities change so often.

I haven't sprained anything since elementary school, so I don't know any remedies. I'd probably google.

PS - I tagged you in a survey on my blog! Which means you have to do it ;)