May 18, 2011


--My parents were here this weekend which is why I haven't posted in forever. My cardio last week was cleaning the house! And then shopping once they got here. We went shopping every single day. My mom likes to visit the stores they don't have in her town.

--Related to above: I bought everything ever. Shopping with my mom lowers my inhibitions and I'm all I CAN TOTALLY AFFORD THIS. IT ISN'T A BAD PLAN AT ALL. Which is not the case! I'm going to go back through and double check what I want to keep. I'm a serial returner!

--Though I'm still internet shopping. I need a bathing suit (horrors!) b/c we are going to Destin for a long weekend in June for our psuedo-anniversary (our real anniversary is the end of May, but shockingly, M is on call.) Hopefully will be going to Pensacola with my parents in September! Maybe even over my bday. I got to turn 30 on the beach; cushioned by many, many margaritas and key lime pie.

Ahh, the beach. I'm petitioning hard for the beach when M finishes his fellowship. In like 26 months.

--Not at all related to beach talk-does anyone know how to lose 20 lbs in about 3 weeks? I missed that day in internship. 

Anyone have any trips coming up? More importantly, what is your favorite source for bathing suits? I'm loving zappos free, over night shipping. I'm old and squishy, but don't want like a full bathing dress.


omiegrace said...

so far, i've lost 5 lbs in 5 days on the sonoma diet. i'm loving it! oh, and check out this chick, she makes me believe i can look good in a swim suit if i find the right one, and if i find the confidence. although, having her boobs wouldn't hurt.

Stacie said...


I posted on Wednesday that we are going to be in Destin the last week of September. And then I bribed you and said you should go then to because you could see my new baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Those dresses are ridiculously attractive.

I do not have a trip coming up, but it is bathing suit season so I have been trying to work on this also...though not wholeheartedly yet.

My fave place for bathing suits is La Vie En Rose, but I live in Canada so I don't know if they have it there, sadly...

Anonymous said...

haha, I love the coverups. so. funny.

I am the same way when I go shopping with my Mom (shopping is our favorite pastime)And since I have been to visit here more this year my credit cards are not happy with me :/

ashley said...

i'm new to your blog =)

I died laughing looking at those pictures, they were great.