May 23, 2011

I'm already sore

This is not going to feel good tomorrow, I can tell you that.

I will also tell you what we did today because it was fun in a really evil and sadistic way.

4 circuits:
--idk inverted pull ups? basically handles where you lean really far back/horizontal to the ground and pull yourself up. These were fine.
--Standing rows with resistance tubing. 2 sets pulling back, 2 sets pushing forward. Again, fine even though I had difficulty actually pulling the tubing.
--Walking lunges while twisting with a 10 lb medicine ball. This is where things started to get dicey. the second 2 sets we flopped giant ropes. I don't even know.

--PULLING A FRICKING TRACTOR TIRE. FIRST 2X PULLING IT BACKWARDS, SECOND 2X WALKING FORWARD. We split it but I was still dying. My partner straight up pulled 95% of it.
This is me, basically.

Just kidding. I couldn't lift that tire under threat of death.

--one armed push-ups. Are you fricking kidding me after dragging a tire? I can't do a regular push up dude. Granted it wasn't a true one-lay flat, push up with one arm to knees and then lift knees.  My modification was basically to stumble from the tire to my mat, and flop face down on it. And then lie there until it was time to move to the next station.

I'm doing the same workout as Cameron Diaz. I expect to be this ripped by the end of my Groupon.

Then it was time for abs. Abs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tires

We were doing these straight leg/jack-knife/cross over crunches first. My back is not strong enough for me to drop my straightened legs very far. At all. So I just start lifting one leg to cross and leaving the other down. He pointed to me as a good example of how to modify. If there is one thing I know it is how to modify so I don't get hurt/make things as easy as possible. I'm kind of proud, honestly. 

I think I will do much better next time now that I know more what to expect. I thought we would do different things each set, so I didn't conserve enough energy at the start. And I definitely need more breakfast! 

Has anyone ever done a boot camp? Does it get easier? Ever tried to drag a tractor tire? What do you eat for breakfast before a workout? I'm not a morning person nor am I super hungry early.


BabyWilt said...

I've done bootcamp but NOTHING like what you have just explained, I would DIE if I had to do all that stuff!!!!!!!!! Well done, I award you 5*****s :-)

ATTrio said...

I have done a boot camp once or twice and it killed me!! Holy Moly Cameron Diaz! Her bod is killer. No way could I ever do the one arm push up. I can hardly do them with two arms!

I eat graham crackers and sometimes but a little dark chocolate pb on them :)


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that does not sound like fun. But I bet you were feeling an awesome burn the next day! I love that sore feeling, it means it's working! (I think?)

I did a bootcamp a few times a couple of summers ago. It does not sound as hard as yours, and I still thought I was going to die. I would never do that kind of workout by myself though, I need other people there for motivation!