May 9, 2011


I love Chicgao! I'm really not a city vacation person. I would rather sit on a beach drinking. The sitting part is pretty non-negotiable. But this year has been all about the city vacations. We have actually gone more places this year than we have in the previous 7 yrs of our marriage.

I'm not going to do a day by day recap b/c I'm lazy and easily distracted. Mostly just pictures and commentary.

Flew out bright and early and got to Chicago at 11 am or so. Checked in, etc. M had to check into his conference and then had a resident meeting (where he did NOT win a free Ipad), so we had lunch and split up. We went to Billy Goat's Tavern which is under Michigan Ave in a sketchy parking garage. It is famous though because of the SNL skit

which you should really watch b/c it is classic and hysterical. The owner was exactly like this. I got the death glare and "No coke, PEPSI. No fries, cheeps." It was a fun experience, but not amazing. Just a good, greasy cheezeborger and cheeps.
 Then I went shopping and M went back to the hotel for the rest of the day. We went out to dinner with like 15 of us to an Italian place that I can't remember and didn't take a picture of. But it was good.

My husband is seriously adorable, y'all. He kills me. I swear, he was the Social Chair of this whole trip for all 20 or so residents. He picked where we were going, got tickets, arranged everything. He was on top of it. Which was huge for me b/c I HAAAATE doing things in groups where no one can make a decision and we stand around for an hour only to go to the first place.

During the day I went back to Michigan Ave to shop. I have my priorities. M went to the conference.

That night, M had planned and procured tickets for everyone to go to Second City. There were 24 or so of us. M kept calling and adding people-we got a group rate there were so many of us and Social Chair was on it. We had gone when we were there in Dec and had a great time, so he organized a second trip.

Another place we found last trip was Ra. Y'all. This place. We love it. They have a 3-7pm happy hour with sake for $2 (!!), $4 martinis, and so many half price appetizers and rolls. I can't emphasize how much we can eat and drink there for like $30. I drink the lemon drop martini and it is so tasty (and seemingly devoid of alcohol.)
Both of these are mine. Yes, I order them 2 at a time. there are a lot of us and we were on a time constraint. I took pictures of the entire group doing sake bombs, but it occurs to me that these doctors may not want sake bomb pics out there. The staff of this restaurant was awesome b/c we were loud and drinky.

Then Second City! It was great. They did a hysterical Obama skit to open. You can't take pictures of the show, but I took one:

I had to. Come on.

Michael and I at Second City. And an attending creeping on us, obvs. Fun story: this is the guy who did my CT guided SI joint injections (basically he puts needles in your spine, shoots you into the CT to see if they are in the right place and then adjusts. It is almost as fun as it sounds.) so this guy has just straight up seen my ass. Awkward. I was glad the injections had occurred before I saw how much fun this guy could have. He is hilarious.

We somehow ended up at a bar with karaoke.

Other guys started hitting on my husband.
they both would kill me if they saw me posting this. We won't tell them. No names are named, so it is fine.

Then things get a little fuzzy, so I'm sure we went back to the hotel and crashed.

This is long and I'm tired of typing-so posting for now!

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Do you like city vacations? What is your favorite city to visit? Do you love Chicago? Been to Second City? Love lemondrops?


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

This sounds like an awesome start to a week.

I love city vacations! It's all about the food for me, trying out different local foods, and well known places. Yum.

Jess said...

I love city vacations also! I have been wanting to go to Chicago-have never been! If I go I will def have to try the places you mentioned!
*Love the ordering 2 drinks-gotta get your money's worth! ;)