May 31, 2011

Grumpy Dietitian

maybe that will be my next blog name. It is certainly accurate.


--My back is killing me right now. I haven't been sleeping well, either. So less sleep=more pain. Ugh. It isn't so much the pain as it is the anxiety-like I will never, ever be comfortable again. It is completely irrational, but the longer I am uncomfortable, the more hysteria rises. Pain makes your brain process things incorrectly.

--This one won't make sense to non-dog people or people with actual kids: I thought my Bean died yesterday. We have this enormous leaf pile where our yard guy just puts all the leaves (our backyard is huge and mostly forest.) So earlier I had seen her emerge from under this pile, but in a weird way. not up through the leaves, just like out a tunnel. I don't even know. I called for her to come in and she didn't, so of course I start worrying. I decide she is trapped in the leaf pile and smothering. So I'm freaking out, trying to dig through like feet of leaves convinced I'm just going to find her body. My dog died traumatically in my arms 2 years ago, and I clearly still have issues. Eventually I unearthed her and she was fine, but I was a mess.

--My husband has been working too damn much lately and it is annoying me. Also, it isn't a good idea to bitch to your husband about how his working so much is negatively affecting you. Just a helpful tip. Turns out, he isn't very sympathetic to my pain. Can you even believe that?

Ok. I'm hoping by just ranting I will get it out of my system. I can objectively look at it and realize none of these things are big deals and I am a little crazy. 


ATTrio said...

I have weeks like this too when I feel like nothing seems to be going right. I guess I just try to be hopeful for the next week and try my hardest to not let it get me down.

Hope this week goes better :)

Kate said...

This is why we blog! So we can vent about these annoying things. I would love to be a surrogate. I looked into it but it looks like only women that have had a child are eligible. Such a bummer. Have you been a surrogate?

Anonymous said...

:) I feel ya. Not on the worrying the dog is dead, so much, as with giant dogs it's sort of obvious, but with the fearing they will die, as I do every time Olive dashes down the street. Also, yeah, especially since I'm a grad student bum, and hubs works extra to make-a the money, I can't complain about his shitty work schedule, unfortunately.